hot from the olpc physics jam

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Highlights from other teams at the OLPC Physics Jam:

(mascot of the even it seems, from a white board drawing labeled "attach wheels to kitties")

When good physics goes bad...

It's gone really mediocre-ly for my team, the Cowsome Loneboys... there just seems to be much less experience with the toolkits at hand, and we've started from scratch, changing the core platform where building on, twice. We're toiling away on a simplified version of some of our original ideas.

It's amazing how many really sharp people drift in and out of the office, friends of people jamming away I guess... the Israeli Doctorate in anarchy anarchy studies stopping over after giving a talk about OLPC at some conference, this willowy Chinese physics postdoc with the English accent (both of course I immediately develop huge crushes on), one of the cofounders of Logo, the precocious high schooler who namedrops Marvin Minsky like crazy, not even knowing how famous he was at first...

Sometimes I catch myself mixing slang modes... "what's the haps, G?"