it goes around and around

September 6, 2008
As a sidenote, I cranked up my "Twitter journal" viewer to show my 5 last tweets rather than just 3. On the one hand, I'm happy to have less of the "well I don't want to post because I'll push something clever off" thing (yeah, I know) but on the other hand, I'm posting more trivial stuff (yeah, I REALLY know.)

Anyway, went to a real life Drive-In last night, out in Mendon, with Ariana and Shawn. Pretty cool, $20 buys you a carload, you can bring along some lawnchairs and a radio... we saw "Tropic Thunder" and "Pineapple Express", both kind of goofy spoofs, not bad End-of-Summer Drive-In Fair.

Passage of the Moment
"Pooh," asked Piglet, "did you remember to help Owl remove that--"

"Of course," said Pooh. "I have a phonographic memory, you know."

"You mean," said Rabbit, "a photographic memory."

"No," insisted Pooh. "Phonographic. It goes around and around. Sometimes it gets stuck. That's why I remember things so well."

Benjamin Hoff, "The Te of Piglet"
The book is kind of a disappointment. especially compared to its companion "The Tao of Pooh". This book is more preachy and pedantic and ultimately apocalyptic in its outlook... Hoff almost seems to be turning himself into a messianic, or at least redemptive, figure for Piglet and some of the other Pooh characters.

Infectous Music of the Moment
Do You Like The Hot Hot Tamale? Weebl continues the tradition of super-catchy music and hypnotic videos, like Kenya back in the day.
Wow, a real live Drive-In at Mendon... fun and retro and the mosquito coil is a-smolderin'
The Drive-In was impressive in many ways. Not least among them:how Ariana's jalapeno cheese poppers were evidently actually full of napalm.
sigh mon oncle's deaf to "should I go ahead and do that?" hints (ala "I want it done but will do the work");"no I'll get it"-later, or never
bad moments in Oreos; EB hands me 2, a second later: "whrz tha crmm flllng??" He had ("accidentally") taken 2 from the post-decreamed stack-