took me out to the ball game

September 9, 2008
JZ got some charity tickets to the Sox/Rays game last night.

It was a record-setting game for consecutive MLB sell-outs (sorry Cleveland). I was kind of chuffed 'til my coworker pointed out that, hey, Tuesday's game will then set a new record. Ditto Wednesday. Etc. Still, they had some nice "Thank You Fan" stuff.

So, mildly obstructed view:

Going down to get a "beer an' a hot dog" (one of EB's daughter's first phrases, thanks to her gramma) I realized how different the game looks from, like, right next to the field. I dunno if I've ever had really great seats to a ballgame, maybe sometime I should aim to fix that. It's kind of like the difference between an old 20" TV and an HD projector...

Quote of the Moment
Things just keep getting better. Fewer people in the world are starving. People live longer. More babies survive. The world gets cleaner, less violent, and more comfortable. We have more leisure time and we we know more about ourselves and the universe. If you're sniffing around for a place to live, pick the future. Luckily, we're all going to live at least a little bit into the future, and we'll all live a little longer in the future, thanks to the future.
--"Penn + Teller's How to Play in Traffic". Besides the optimism I dig the rhetorical repetition, kind of akin to that the Tao is a mysterious female bit from the other week.

TSA is all about CYA. It's not about making life safer; it's to stop the administrators from looking more idiotic: "why didn't you stop X?"
"Yeah, I've got a sort of visual pun tattooed just below my navel. I thought it was pretty clever the first seven years." --Groening comic