the world keeps turnin'

September 10, 2008
So, as this page helpfully points out, the LHC has not yet engulfed the world in an artificial blackhole, so to celebrate I'll post that rap that has been making the rounds.

Yay Big Science!

Quote of the Moment
"The 'Net is a waste of time, and that's exactly what's right about it."
--William Gibson

Heh, sitting at Finale outside of Maggiano's, remembered the odd "handshake" prenup we came up with there at a family birthday. Who knew?
This "pig on a lipstick" "attack" fiasco is like a parody of the whole "lets call a spade a spade" "was that a racist remark?" kind of thing
Apple's "Cover Flow" UI... do people dig this and/or find it useful? Seriously?
The green line's wheels sing an ethereal song. It's too easy not to notice.