iffy lyrics and worse verse

September 23, 2008
So, it's a little cheesy, but I've started doing a lyric-a-day for my gtalk and facebook status, and then started echoing it as a Twitter entry.

I've been pleased at the response, generally a person a day was writing me about it, either to provide the next line, or to comment on the song, or on some tangent (especially if they thought it was my own thought.)

(Yesterday Sam thanked me sincerely for introducing him to Todd Snider, which is funny because I had no idea who he was talking about... turns out he's a cool musician who covered "Enjoy Yourself", the happy macabre song I knew from Woody Allen's "Everybody Says I Love You" but I guess Snider was higher in the search results for the lyrics I had quoted.)

I try to be open to suggestions from the Cosmos/the Tao/Fate whatever as my first choice of song, either something that's been rattling around my head, or that someone mentions. Failing that I look at the next 3 songs my iPhone would shuffle up and pick the quotable. (Too often the most emo, but hey.)

Works of the Moment
Thinking about my own possibly-emo writing... From time to time I submit something to the Love Blender, sometimes my own stuff but most often something I've found. I have 2 accounts there, one personal, one for "official-business" and decided I wanted my personal author page to just have "my" stuff (or stuff by friends) and my Blender-Keeper page to have all the stuff by authors I don't know personally.

Quote of the Moment
The creator of the universe works in mysterious ways. But he uses a base ten counting system and likes round numbers.
Scott Adams

"tangled up in our embrace / there's nothing I'd like better than to fall / but I fear I have nothing to give..."
So sick of whiteboards that never get clean and stinky markers. Why don't they make whiteboard-sized MAGNA DOODLE? With built-in eraser bar!
Holy cats, my gmail inbox is empty for the first time in over a year.
GEEKGRIPE: Why I hate the Linux on my desktop: ctrl-shift-c for copy in a terminal window, ctrl-c everywhere else. I wish I was using Putty.
The urban/suburban divide: unbidden thought before a Lego trip to Burlington Mall: "ahh, sweet, lots of parking there..."