i don't know much about interior decoration but i know what i like

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September 28, 2008
More progress in decorating my living room... my excuse for posting this is I assume that my mom's interested, so there.

Rodney's Bookstore in Central Square seems to have a partnership with this great print store called Wonderful Items... they have tons of vintage Art-Deco-era and other prints, plus for $25 they'll do custom printing while you wait (on Tuesdays and Thursdays, oddly enough, I think they might have another location in Arlington or something)... I decided to throw the dice and get my "peek-a-buddha" photo from Japan printed up at around 26"x20", even though it was "only" six megapixels... but I'd say the end result was pretty fantastic, it looks really sharp, and you can really get into the detail of the statue, and see the hawk and the moon if you know to look. (Plus they did a great job with the sky... always a challenge, because a big field of one color will show off any imperfections in the process.) This is also a look at the current state of my A/V setup, I gave up even more of my kitchenette's eager space to get the projector and players out of the way. To the right are some Mexican movie posters.
I was considering putting up the Daibutsu in "portrait" orientation, and leaving the sky above (with the moon WAY at the top) but I like the accessibility of this layout.

On the opposite wall I hung some posters, an old Boston MFA fashion print on the left, an Egyptian parchment piece my mom gave me on the right, a print that I think was actually a wedding gift overhead. On the corners are more vaguely artsy photographs I'm find of, clockwise it's my mirrored selfportrait at Alewife, people on the swing ride at six flags, the shadows of me and Jane in Wyland, and a pretty purple shot from the Lynn shore.

The intended effect is to provoke mild curiosity about the blank space in the middle, which only "makes sense" when a movie, game, or the TV is on:

Hmm, the image is not as "centered" as it could be. But heck, the lights should be out anyway. (The light switch, while unfortunate in its placement, is much easier to ignore than it might look. I console myself by thinking of all the screen imperfections in Real Movie Theaters I've been in.)

"i once loved someone the way that you do / but I had to let her go / i live with my regret"
Man, screw the Beatles and their "too f'in good for amazon mp3s or even itunes". Seriously, are they still bitter about "Apple Corps"?
Grr. I *know* Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Give it Away" is lurking somewhere in my music collection, misnamed by some blurp of the autolabler