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September 29, 2008
Oof-dah, fun on the markets...

Lets assume the voting was mostly political and not about "fiscal morality" or "just makes sense" or whatever. Is Joe Sixpack for anything that promises to Help the Fiscal Crisis or against Welfare for Wall Street Fat Cats?

Excerpt of the Moment
A single bulb backlit the frame of the monster, who seemed as peaceful in sleep as he was terrifying in his waking hours. Sheldon thought back to the day five years ago when he gave life to this powerful creature. The sacrifice, dedication and secrecy that had gone hand in hand with the project. His parents never knew. Sheldon had convinced them that his thousands of hours in the basement were spent masturbating. Botched experiments often made his lies more difficult, but his parents took to their graves the belief that sometimes when Sheldon ejaculated, there was an explosion and fire.
Jon Stewart, "Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold", from "Naked Pictures of Famous People".
The book didn't live up to its title, or that "America" textbook parody. The New Yorker "casual" format sometimes isn't all that funny...

Link of the Moment is weirdly hypnotic, all these little < 140 character snippets scrolling down as they are entered. Captivating, a bit vapid... maybe a way of catching the technoliterate zeitgeist.

I love when football players are running in formation to protect the guy trying to return a kickoff, holding hands. If only they skipped...
"i was determined not to need this / so determined not to see this / coming, going, gone" -jess yoakum
pentomino "Monday: eat at Chili's to cure cancer"? I think you might want to try some more traditional courses of treatment first.
Alaska's state quarter is the awesomest, a bear totally ripping into some salmon.
You can't spell "down" without D-O-W!
From hope to duh: "The market is down less than 200! That's not so b-- oh wait, that's NASDAQ."
In general I'm getting so sick of people's negativity in general, such a bitch + glass half empty culture. It's just not a useful stance.
Weird; CNN seems to be linking to wrong HR 3997 "How they voted" doc, - that's last year, not the bailout...
Also... NY has a "Congressman Israel"? Who knew?
"Aaaayyy... See? I'm like the white the Fonz" "Uhhh--the Fonz WAS white" "Aaaayyyy!"