so funny i forgot to snark

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Still sticking with the sandals.

Quote of the Moment
Middle age is when you've met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else.
Ogden Nash.
I think Jeff Hawkins has a pretty decent neurological explanation for this. I find it happening when trying to recollect old coworkers, people I might have seen on a daily basis, but... well, they tend to get lumped into categories, sometimes in broadly physical or accent-y ways.

Links of the Moment
I felt kind of bad about enjoying engrishfunny, especially since I'm so gridingly monolingual, and I know how many Asian languages even spell themselves phonetically... but then I found Wordsplosion, delighting (or mocking, whatever) signs written by, presumably, native English speakers, so now I feel a little less guilty. (I think making it worse is how professional-looking print technologies has outstripped amateur proofreading.)
I hate national baseball broadcasters. They're smart but they have no soul.
<<if you smiling, that should set the tone / just be limber>>
Yimminy Crickets. 10,600 was once thought of as kind of a floor for the Dow, <10K is kind of freaking me out.
Explaining "Triangle Trade" to my Finnish coworker. Now he's excited, trying to figure where to get slaves, the tobacco from the local 7-11
Software User Interface Lesson: I guess sometimes half-assed is worse than no-ass-at-all because you ass-ume it's doing the right thing.
It's almost easy to think yeesh, maybe the Y2K guns-n-gold style crowds were right, but there's much ground twixt here and mad max.