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Yay Red Sox! We could get used to this.

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--Making the rounds... a brilliant study in "Truth in Lyrics" -- and the singer does really well on the long high notes!

Quote of the Moment
Optimistic bias: People tend to be overconfident about their own abilities and the outcome of their plans. Something like 90% of people think that they are above average drivers less likely to get into an accident than the average joe. This is so pervasive that there is actually a scientific name for the few people who accurately assess their own future, their abilities, and what other people think of them: clinically depressed.
Really good writing there, I might need to add it to my regular rotation.
<<that's me stumbling away / slowly learning that life is ok / say after me / it's no better to be safe than sorry>>
I'm grateful that a stable diagnosis of mild astigmatism has my only vision issue for decades; I know some of my friends aren't so blessed.
Great neologisms: "thinkodynamics", Hofstadter's reason/excuse for thinking about thinking at a high level, rather than at the neurons etc.
I wish I could figure out rule for whether the first or second E line would be more crowded.
I wish I could recapture my childhood fascination with how two plus two and two TIMES two equals four.