to not sleep perchance to make comics

So from 5PM tonight 'til 5PM tomorrow, I'm going to be largely dedicated to doing a comic. You're supposed to attempt 24 pages, or I think 100 panels if you work in a "webcomic" format, which I plan to, since that's how I've been doing so much of my doodling over the past years. (And to REALLY push the matter, I'm thinking it'll all be in good ol' MS Paint, the freebie program you get with Windows... but I'm a bit idiosyncratic in that I'll be using it with a tablet PC, not a mouse.)

Like the Glorious Trainwrecks monthly 2-hour KotMK (which I'll have to work around this time, sometimes when I do something in an aspiring amateurish kind of way, I appreciate having the time boundaries. I'm not sure if it's more of an excuse for my crapness at comics, or just the reassurance that it won't be a project hanging over me for a long time.

I'm weirdly optimistic that my half-assed art style will let me get this done even with sneaking in some sleep. (Though I'm not sure if completely avoiding sleep would even be an option.)

Comic of the Moment

--Speaking of comics and sleep, the Comics Curmudgeon posted this surprisingly existential Herb + Jamaal.

Quote of the Moment
I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.
Rita Mae Brown

Watching the Bee Gee lip synch in their old "Stayin' Alive" video... "Woman's Man, No Time to Talk", but yes time for girly falsetto?
<<for well you know that its a fool who plays it cool / by making his world a little colder>>
<<and then I ask you over again / you only answer / perhaps, perhaps, perhaps>>