rally, cry?

Both Wall Street and the Red Sox had huuuge come-from-behind rallies yesterday. COINCIDENCE? Yes, probably. We'll have to see how both things go from here.

Video of the Moment
Boingboing pointed out that this old Batman debate seems vaguely familiar...

Slate's William Saletan had a good piece Safe, Legal, and Boring about Obama taking a technocratic-ish approach to the issue:
Obama's doing quite nicely in this environment. He's steady, practical, poised, boring. He's a technician. So Schieffer pops a question about abortion, probably hoping to start a fight. McCain does his part. What does Obama do? He technifies it.

Will a technical approach to abortion satisfy the country? The election hardly hangs on that question. But in the long run, the abortion debate itself probably does.
So I'm kind of amazed, on the one hand Obama is known for his inspiring stage presence, and ability to excite people. On the other hand, he's a great analyzer and soother. What a great combination!

As an Extremist Moderate, I feel that the nation needs more exciting moderate views. We've had enough rabble rousing.

Wonder if there'san inverse relation between bars on your cellphone and how immediately screwed you'd be if nukes started flying.
The Dow Jones blues..."been down so long looks like up to me..."