simple as do re mi

November 1, 2008
So one of my playlists is called "Psyched", and its meant to be music that's energizing to work to.

Some of the songs aren't necessarily that fast but they have a certain feel... I thought of it in terms and invoking this certain kind of dance, and only recently did I realize that the dance I was thinking of was Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith in the original movie Clerks:

Looking for that, I found the 1 2 3, A B C dance number from Clerks 2... man, that song has it all-- (beides some raw PG13 language etc), pretty gal bopping along in a tank top, individuals gettin' into the groove, extended version of the song w/ a nice drumbreak, big bollywood/Drew Carey show group dancing, terrific punch line. 2 thumbs up.

Article of the Moment
Why Zen Software Design Does Not Come From Japan. While I kind of dislike the facile "UI elegance and minimalism = ZEN!" bit, the insights as to how Japanese cellphones are bullet-point-based, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink, minimalism is for old art was intriguing. I wish that I didn't get the feeling Windows Vista was heading the same way. (I started a thread on slashdot about Windows Vista, and how things stack up against OSX, etc etc that I think got fairly good, at least for people interested in the topic.)

"Davis Square: the Paris of the 90s". Heh.