costumes through my ages

October 31, 2008
Happy Halloween!

I was pleased enough with the way my costume came together (suggested by EBSO at a Red Sox game) that I thought I'd try to dig up my best previous costumes...

Cowboy, circa 19971977.

Robot, circa 1982. This one impresses me most in retrospect, way to go Mom. (Robots don't need hands, just a slot for candy.)

1999 or so. "Unibomber" was my go to costume for a few years, because I had the basic elements (hoodie, dark glasses) with me every day.

2002's World War I... little plastic soldiers on a white shirt. I liked it, anyway.

This year I am Alien Bill!

Maybe the worst part of my costume ( for photo ) is wearing sweatpants out in the world, that whole "I give up" feeling
I realize that I have a playlist ("psyched") where the central motif is "could be danced to by Jay in Clerks":
Just read "A Clockwork Orange"- was nervous about the madeup lingo, but it was fun parsing in context, and catchy. Great Bolshy Yarblockos!