November 5, 2008
So, I had a pretty great time last night at FoSO's... eight of us watching CNN in HD on their massive projector screen (which made the weird CNN Star Wars hologram stuff even weirder), and a bit of Comedy Central, chips and this AMAZING guacamole, and some Indian takeout, a touch o' the creamy fat boozy goodness of Bailey's on ice, a few of us on laptops, with Jen closely watching the meta-results, giving us the low-down on what news agencies were calling what state for whom and when. And then, a bit o' champagne. Not a bad way to welcome an important milestone in race relationships, and hopefully a turned corner in the political situation.

Some of my friends are less sanguine about Obama, and posted a link to this article painting Obama as a Marxist. This was my response...

That article is almost histrionic.

By global standards, both Dems and Reps are strongly right leaning. We don't know from "Marxists". Seriously, it's hard to see that claim made with a straight face-- he might be more socialist leaning, but by my reckoning that's a far cry from "Marxist".

The Democrats put forward a figure who managed to be simultaneously able of inspiring huge masses of people and of demonstrating a calm, technocratic approach to solving the huge problems we find ourselves saddled with. That is amazing.

"Although I did not vote for Obama and do not understand why anyone would´┐Żeven if one did not care much for McCain"

Well, you could argue that Bush defeated McCain twice... one by being a ruthless campaigner, and then by being a terrible president.

I think the tremendous success the Democrats saw last night is a repudiation of the NeoCon big stick agenda and the Republican support for "We can trust these guys to regulate *themselves*" Greenspanism.

I now dislike the LDS more than ever. You know, for a people who had to flee to the wilderness in part because of how they wanted to arrange their non-traditional marriages, they're terrible, terrible blowhards in this California gay marriage thing, and I have less respect for their church organization than ever.
Quip of the Moment
It's not just Bush. Palin taxed the crap out of oil companies in Alaska and redistributed the wealth in the form of checks to all Alaskans including herself. Clearly she's a Neiman-Marxist.
--OutSourcingIsTreason on slashdot.

Optimism of a Recent Moment
Before the election Marc Armbinder reposted Rick Davis' memo explaining the optimism the McCain campaign had then, though adding thoughts why even then he thought the hope was unfounded. Still, I find it an interesting study in how situations can spun and how to generate cotton candy hope from ephemeral tubs of airblown sugar.

More Politics of the Moment
Slate was having some Conservatives wondering what should the Republicans do now. (To which my answer is crawl in hole and think for a few decades about what they've done, and preferably stop mixing up their social conservatism and fiscal conservatism in one unholy mess.) But Jim Manzi said, in part, this:
We need, at least initially, competition for students among public schools in which funding moves with students and in which schools are far freer to change how they operate.
and then later
The role of the federal government could be limited but crucial. Suppose it established a comprehensive national exam by grade level to be administered by all schools and universities that receive any federal money and required each school to publish all results, along with other detailed data about school budgets, performance, and so forth each year.
I guess he hasn't heard about the dangers of "teaching to the test", and doesn't recognize the contradiction, or at least extreme tension, between these two parts of his suggestions.

Kind of weird how CNN's giant screen has other channels showing above it. "Reminder: you could be watching Family Guy"
#current why did Colbert have a cockatoo on his shoulder?
Election HQ for me now; 8 friends, 3 laptops, 1 projector alternating between CNN and Comedy Central, Indian Food, champagne at the ready
Man, I hate facebook comments showing some of my buddies ain't in my political camp.
"I like that the camera is panning back to get some imaginary shit in the frame" --Kate on the CNN pseudo-holograms
Palin's earrings are clip-ons?
Least favorite phrases from this campaign: "in the tank" and "our treasure"
Gah, certain fringe folk going "Obama is not my president", blah blah. But fringe liberals did the same thing previously. MODERATION PEOPLE!
California's "simple majority to mangle constitution" rule is frickin' nuts. A pox on them and the LDS "pray away the gay" efforts.