vote baby vote

November 4, 2008

Decluttering is so tough, convincing myself that life without 2 pairs of (unused) Nintendo DK Bongo Drums is just about as good as with.
I'm kind of morally opposed to "Guess What I Mean" UI, but being able to just type "amazon mp3" in Firefox and get there is kinda nice.
SNL is giving me that weird "I'm not sure if this is a parody or a real ad" vibe. I was hoping the Rev. Wright ad was a joke. Pathetic
loresjoberg I just Saved the Drama for Obama. Boston's Ward 10 is a bit of a mess though.
In Boston Ward 10, I could vote for the usual odd lot for prez, a rep. for senator, a socialist for city council, and Any Democrat I Liked.
SpindleyQ Argh, that's exactly the kind of thing why I'd have doubts if I got rid of them!
Odd exit poll question: how many of (Gore'00,Bush'04,McCain'08) did I vote for? Guess they're tracking incumbent party, but it seems weird.
Jeez, how many times have I reloaded today just to see a meaningless: 0% for Obama, 0% for McCain graphic?