no love in an elevator

November 9, 2008
It's kind of ridiculously shallow-sounding , but I still get little moments of "jeez, this thing is SO FRICKIN' COOL" about my iPhone.

I've been thinking about the transition from Palm to iPhone. I found this post mentioning developers griping over the unit being "single tasking" for apps, like the old Palm was... I joined in with how the "home menu" with all the launcher icons was straight from Palm, with a number of small improvements.

The thing is just like the those computer screens and tricorders from Star Trek: The Next Generation (and did you realize there are whole websites devoted to making things look like LCARS, the name for that look-and-feel?) But I realize the form factor is straight out of Palm (most noticeably, the 3G with its curved back has very similar ergonomics to the Palm Z22 I was praising a year and half ago.) To me, especially with the big flat featureless screen, this thing is a PDA that happens to do phone stuff. Actually I think it looks a bit silly when you hold the whole flat thing to your head, but it gets the job done.

Video and Article of the Moment
Fair Warning: not for people edgey about elevators. Please keep in mind that if getting trapped like this were any thing like common, this wouldn't have been such big news:

--Time Lapse of a man, Nicholas White, stuck in an NYC elevator for 41 hours, and going a bit nuts. The accompanying New Yorker article is great, full of meaty layman-friendly engineering details, along with White's response.

Lena says her toddler's cuteness is all in the crease under his nose, she'll say "show me your cuteness" and he points- like any face part
Urban Omnivores are so removed from the origin of the meat they consume. Is it odd that roadkill just provokes revulsion and not hunger?
I have made crap that is better movies than this, in my own toilet
from Jimminy Glick in LaLaWood on the Gandhi Boxing Movie

Apparently every college a cappella group with famous alums feels the compulsion to edit that person's wikipedia page and mention the fact.
The Globe redid its Sunday Comics with the passing of "Opus". Dang it, I liked starting w/ Dilbert+Get Fuzzy, ending w/ Arlo+Janis and Zippy