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November 15, 2008
So I now have two friends who use CPAP machines, masks or tubes they wear at night hooked up to machines that push air to help open up the passageways and let them sleep better. Big benefits to general feelgoodness are reported! So I've been feeling a bit sleepy lately, and being the hypochondriac I am I almost want to get a sleep study done, but waking up this morning after a good 9 or 10 hours, I think it's more a matter of, you know, not staying up 'til 1 or 2 every night while getting up at 7.

Still don't like how much sleep I'm obliged to do in this world.

Links of the Moment
BoingBoing lined to this mildly interesting Psychology Today article on Scams and Cons. Once concept the article presents is THOMAS, "The Human Oxytocin Mediated Attachment System", a neurochemical base for trust.

THOMAS is mentioned in a few other articles. One was an eye-opening study on how touch induces trust. In talking about handshakes and hugs, I'm reminded about how much less hugging East Coast guys do than West Coast. (Heh, though you know, I think one of my main observation points for the West Coast was the guys in the movie "Swingers".) I asked EB, and sure enough, he had to switch gears when he made the coastal switch. I just vaguely worry about the neurochemical implications of that, that on the East Coast were more isolated and less trusting. (There was a kind of surprising subculture of guy greeting hugs at The Salvation Army crew back in Ohio.)

The other article was on couchsurfing... apparently there's a big subculture of mutual beneficence going on, people opening their homes to other travellers. There's the website That seems like it might be cool to get into someday, sort of like a short-term AFS for grownups.

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Keeping his campaign promise to meet with dangerous world leaders without preconditions, Obama went to the White House
Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me

I generally dig Jeanette Winterson but so far "Lighthousekeeping" is a slog, just a grungy highlands shadow of magical realism.
five minutes till the kotmk 2 hour game jam!