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November 14, 2008
So I hear the Patriots lost in overtime after making a dramatic comeback to tie it up. I still think the NFL's sudden death overtime rules should have that "both teams get control of the ball at least once" thing that I think the collegiate game has.

Funny of the Moment
In the news recently, the FDA is reportedly poised to approve food from cloned animals. Apparently eating clones makes some people uncomfortable. Their thinking goes like: "I sure enjoy eating Bob the cow, but I wouldn't feel comfortable eating Bob the other cow."
Scott "Dilbert" Adams
Just finished his "Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!" book, which I think is culled from his blog. I enjoyed reading it, though he's 4/5 really smart and cutting observation, 1/5 misguided blowhard. I suppose that ratio is different depending on the reader.

I get a sense that if you were looking for the essence of the "kirkish humor", this would be as good an example as any. I'm inordinately fond of this kind categorization gag.

Leaving the joke aside, I guess there might be semi-reasonable reasons to shun cloned meat... IIRC, Dolly the Other Sheep didn't live as long as the original, in part because it seemed some of the DNA didn't get properly reset, the way it would through the typical conception cycle. If that makes one jot of difference once you douse that stuff in some nice digestive acid, I have no idea.

Video of the Moment

--Heheh. Yeah, the "Batman disuguising his voice in a hoarse whisper" thing in the recent movies is a bit much.
Hearing cubemate phoning in to a conf.call I'm also on, I wonder if conf. calls have extra "dramatic pauses" because of the voice delay...
An almost overwhelming feeling of vague discontent...
Kirk's Law of Stereophonic Caution: the speakers or headphones in the store are sounding better 'cause they're turned way the hell up.
UI Geek: Windows window manager and Eclipse's MDI-ish UI use a similar model for sorting, but w/ Eclipse its awkward, not good for the hunt.