attitudinous of gratitudinous

November 27, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! Take stock of all you have to be grateful, even in, or especially in, these frightening times.

Photos of the Moment
Drag Queen Kris Knievil and her entourage at the Coolidge Corner Theatre:

The statskeeper Jen brought us this dire warning on election night that some thoughtful person had placed on her car, probably in response to her pro-Obama bumper sticker:

How not to photograph children:

How not to photograph self: (especially with big candy lips)

Finally, this is kind of extremely random, a crop from a scene of the show "Supernatural":
It was just striking to me because I visually parsed it wrong when it was first paused, I thought he had his legs severely crossed but on second glance his knees are far apart. I guess it's just an optical illusion the way his coat is blocking the top of his legs, and maybe a visual assumption that something higher up is closer. FoSOSO pointed out it's not often you see a live human involved in such an Escher-esque illusion.

The pub at the end of my street, Flann's, has guitar and drumhead both signed by the members of U2. Bono signs his name and writes the year.
For what turned into a 2-day week, today feels a hell of a lot like a Friday.
#mumbai -- : "Eleven of our policemen laid down their lives, including five good officers" -- ??
Youtube: pretending you are fundamentally widescreen and using side letterbox bars 95% all the time is actually pretty lame.
Today I mildly impressed a Finn with my knowledge of Joulupukki.
In XP, I love scroll-button-click to open in new tab, HATE that weird scrolling gizmo thing... anyway to disable it?
The Little Mermaid music number in the Macy's parade has the performers in Heelies... kind of near how they can step and glide.
Wow, Macy's parade rickrolls America, sweet. But he needed to dance more.
Mom says my grandmother would punish her and my aunt by giving up not smoking. Passive aggresivness parlayed into a martial art!