it's a wednesday all right!

November 26, 2008
Umm... happy day before Thanksgiving?

Anti-Libertarian Thought of the Moment
You are paying taxes for your life "footprint" in that country, not just for your income but also when you buy things.
Now try to think that whenever you use anything on earth that it is not your own creation (knowledge, art, infrastructure, etc), and try to mentally subtract the value that you can return in exchange to that thing, you will be embarrassed. Are you paying your life time, knowledge and pretty everything you are to humanity by thinking in terms of socialism or not ?
--Interesting answer to the Ask Slashdot about dealing with aging. Also, a longer bit of more concentrated advice about vitamins and carrying weights around and that kind of thing.

Protip of the Moment
In Firefox, I knew that ctrl-L hops the cursor up to the address bar, but ctrl-K jumps over to the search/Google box, which might be even more useful.

Is "Pressure Cooker" a direct ancestor of all those "Diner Dash" type games? (but the Atari game had the food proactively coming at you...)
Haven't seen a "school ruled" piece of paper in so long, seems kind of arbitrary... 3 holes, the red line left margin, blue lines w/ header-
pentomino Picnic Paranoia -- loved that game -- similar multitasking, and a food element, but lacks the prepping/serving food element.
Gunmen in Mumbai. BB linked to - I can't tell if they're misusing 'quotes' for emphasis or distancing 'selves'