that's not very typical, i'd like to make that point

December 23, 2008
Ah New Jersey.

Remind me to never, ever trust my GPS for plotting the route from Boston to here. Yes, the George Washington Bridge gives you a nice view of Manhattan, and fills me with nostalgia for when my mom was living on the island (and I had my own little microstudio apartment - wah) but trying to cut through just after rush hour, not so much.

Video of the Moment

--Alas, a little too good to be true (though I guess in response to a real event), it's John Clarke and Bryan Dawe on the 7.30 Report. Still I admire the "Sportscenter" like pacing of it.

Quote of the Moment
"I am not going back to that filthy decade without some Purell!"
--France in "American Dad", planning for some time travel to the 70s

Link of the Moment
Obama vs Putin vs Clinton '93: the shirtless battle.

Ah New Jersey, land of cheap, no-self-serve gas....
Even when not armed, the house security system announces every open door as "fault", eg "fault: front door" Couldn't it just say 'open'?
Yesterday I learned the value of windshield wiper fluid... ya don't miss it 'til it's gone. Or possibly frozen.
"The winter sky of southeastern Alaska is a Talmud of gray, an inexhaustible commentary on a Torah of rain clouds and dying light." -Chabon
Hm. Maybe I should replace my PC desktop with one of my laptops. With an external monitor and kbd, I think this would be a better system.
Hard to remember that the rest of the world isn't stopped with you when you're on vacation.