"i dunno, alaska"

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December 24, 2008
Is it Christmas yet?

Video of the Moment

--Heheh, they got some of the weapons wrong but like Doktor Puppykicker says on mighty god king where I got it, "More pranks should end with police intervention."

Quote of the Moment
The winter sky of southeastern Alaska is a Talmud of gray, an inexhaustible commentary on a Torah of rain clouds and dying light.
Michael Chabon, "The Yiddish Policemen's Union".
Very good read. An appealing mix of Yiddish culture and Noir detective work, set in a present day that followed an alternate history where Israel didn't survive 1948, and the primary Jewish homeland is a special set aside in Alaska, due to revert back to USA control. It doesn't quite sustain through the whole thing, gets a little overwhelmed with the action elements, but still, one of the best things I read this year.

Doodle of the Moment

--"Didn't have enough coloring books as a kid?" asks my Aunt. Feh!

bad telemarketing: "Well what *part* of our resort literature weren't you interested in?" / "Next time you're having dinner, don't pick up!"
A ticking clock has a huge physical and metaphysical loudness, especially when you're trying to get to sleep.
Hoo-goddam-ray for the moneybag yankees. Hope the recession makes them choke on their stadium and their payroll.
caption removed from Young Astronauts in Love: "*burp*. oy, that's the thing about being a spaceman. you burp, you remember it for a while"
Man, I hate those OS / Graphics Card / Chipset / Energy Star stickers they slap on laptop wristrests, like a damn NASCAR racer wannabe.
Things I would not know about if not for daytime TV: the "Snuggie", a blanket with sleeves. Looks like robes for really, really lazy monks.
I think the real benefit to working on a PC rather than a laptop at a desk is less angsty walking to think about the next bit.