the cowboy and the chainlink fence

Once upon a time I went to Germany and bought a VIVA ChartXpress CD (VIVA is the German music channel) It might have been a McDondalds promotional item. (I never go to McDonalds here, but it's an interesting cultural reference point when I'm trying to figure out what other countries are all about.)

Driving back from New Jersey, a song from the album, "Maschen-Draht-Zaun", bubbled up on the iTunes dump:

(2019 Update: this video actually gives more of a sense of the background than what I posted before...) Veronika said it meant "Wire Mesh Fence" and that it was kind of hard to explain. But now, Wikipedia expalains it all! A little meaner than I might have hoped, but still pleasingly random. (I have an inordinate interest in regional biases and stereotypes I have never heard of before.... also the German take on cowboys.)

Did the guy who made the sideart for the original Pac-Man arcade game actually play the game? Maybe he assumed was too primitive for "legs"?
Jam bands, like college a-capella, is (possibly) for doing, not for listening to.
Got "Strangers with Candy Vol.2". Great in a "wow they went there" way, but I think my fav. bit is the dance party w/ the credits every ep.
A lot of beautiful and melancholy torch songs are track 12 of their respective CDs.