photos of the season

December 28, 2008

--Ice-covered garbage can lid, outside the brownstone.

--Same Lid. People kept asking me "how much snow did you get?" and it seemed like a tougher question than it should have been... you know, you're shoveling, there are snow piles and drifts etc. But I guess this lid says "well, enough."

--So my mom found out there's an ALDI grocery store near us in NJ... it's an interesting concept, rather limited selection of brands, frozen stuff but not much produce, bring your own bag or get charged for one, you pick stuff right off the pallets, but it's cheap - everything in this picture was $20 and change.

--Christmas haul for 4, along with our Charlie Brown Christmas-ish Tree.

Ha, Pats ahead 13-0, Cassell just punted on 3rd down and pinned the Bills at like the 2 yard line.