build this, punk

December 30, 2008
I put on pro-wrasslin' last night as background light and noise. Thinking about how my grandma liked to watch, and she picked it up from my Ohio cousins. The athletic stuff is kind of fun to witness, but man, all the standing (or lying) there waiting for the other guy to do something interesting. And the homoerotic vibe is a bit much at times, though on one of the "backstage" skits one of the wrestlers did a very decent impression of Will Ferrell's impression of Harry Caray.

Brilliant Product of the Moment
--P3te on Brilliant! Makes the Nokia phone cradle I made at work yesterday look pretty penny-ante.

Sometimes I wish I had entrance music and video clips like a wrestler. (But the would probably be "Groove is in the Heart" - not so tough)
a business press that, between layoffs and the usual holiday vacations, appears short-staffed to the point of utter witlessness

You know, it's a basic enough bassline, but Britney's "Circus" has part that sound a lot like my Atari 2600 JoustPong title music.
The Smithers/Burns duet on "Simpsons Sing the Blues" - sounds like improv banter, but it's one actor! Multiple takes, or switching voices?