2000 already 8

December 31, 2008
Oh man, another year in the books.

Highlights and milestones? The Trip to Japan is a pretty obvious candidate, and of course the big shift to my Aunt + Uncle's brownstone. The downs and ups of the economies and finally, a centrist, technocratic, yet still inspiring president elect.

I think gradually I'm coming to terms with the flow of the years. I want to do a personal timeline project, though, just to see it all laid out.

Magic Trick of the Moment

The bowling alley sells used bowling pins for $3 each?? I'd TOTALLY buy one of they weren't sold out... it just seems like an amazing thing.
Resolutions I've already been acting on: stop second guessing and just hitting send on email, and eating better.
It's rough that thanks to the economic and global turmoil, we're all kind of expecting 2009 to suck - Happy New Year anyway...