Really pushed for time and content so here are two photos that didn't make the last batch...

I (once again) made myself a phone cradle out of Legos. This time it was for my Nokia work phone, and I challenged myself by only using the pieces there, mostly remnants from an old Lego Advent Calendar and a few trips to the Lego Store "Pick-A-Brick"... about the only non-"ordinary brick" I used was a pair of backyard fence pieces I used to wrap and secure the power cord inside the base.

For some reason I am amused by the graffiti on this billboard. (In part it reminds me of this college T-shirt I saw at Tufts, proably dating from earlier days when Jean Mayer was President there... it was "Air Mayer" and had a caricature of the guy dunking ala Michael Jordan and saying "Just Dew Eet".)

Gen. I toss the paper up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Baggged newspaper has a satisfying flight, esp. when I get it around the coffin corner
Maybe the part of the brain that makes dreams is just dumb. HYUK LETS MAKE A WEATHER FORECAST, 93 DEGREES FOR TUESDAY. WOUDN'T THAT BE COOL.
OUTLOOK YOU SO SUCK. The way that I can't copy an address, paste as text, and then copy and paste that back in is world-beating retardedness