a very selective history of gaming


--Patent application sketches for Monopoly, the canonical Atari Joystick, and the Nintendo "Robotic Operating Buddy", my favorites from Patentmania: The Golden Age of Electronic Games. I love how R.O.B. looks like one of those classic Wall Street Journal HeadCut sketches.

Bago's impending impeachment trial - deserved - reminds me of the dumbness of and rage against the Republican impeachment of Clinton.
Thought I just heard NPR reporting on the UN calling for a Gaza ceasefire to be "adorable" (was "a durable")
I really want a season of 24 that's Jack sleeping, hitting the gym, b'fast, commuting, surf the web a bit, attend a meeting, etc
That Palm Pre phone looks promising... but you know, as typo prone as a virtual keyboard is (tho iPhone corrects for that) it is really fast
Noting more trouble thinking "outside the box" of my own mental models - Aging? Too much artificial sweetner? Just more aware of issue?
Firetruck crashed a few streets down this afternoon, fireman killed, 7 injured - http://tinyurl.com/a5mcp6 map: http://tinyurl.com/9rpko7