los esimpsons (en la vida real)

January 11, 2009

Feeling dangerously nostalgic.
Delayed "Oh Yeahs"; the double entendre of the Simpsons drink and bar name "Flaming Mo", that "Spectrum ZX" is said "Zed X" by a Brit.
New writing technique: if a paragraph is getting long and/or tangential, first start to fix it by breaking it into two at a logical point.
Go Philly!...
"Purdue Perfect Portions" has this commercial with a hokey "stunt double" figure skater. Will there be less of that in the HD era?
Jordan's Furniture. A. The brothers aren't named Jordan. B. It was better when it was both brothers.
Who to root for, Steelers vs Chargers... a few of "my teams" are Steelers rivals, but 1 rule: Always root for cold weather cities over warm.
Among other reasons why it's a bummer that my dad died so young, I start to suspect I missed out on some valuable facial hair grooming tips.