into the inner depths of nerddom

January 16, 2009
So for pretty much the whole weekend I'm going to be remind myself of how smart I'm not at the MIT Mystery Hunt. Updates will be precanned, but watch me look to twitter as my lifeline to the outside world.

Go Team Left as an Exercise for the Reader!

Literary Bit of the Moment
"Well, I heard of this young girl. Eighteen years old. A Yassar student. For a price, she'll come over and discuss any subject - Proust, Yeats, anthropology. Exchange of ideas. You see what I'm driving at?"
"Not exactly."
"I mean my wife is great, don't get me wrong. But she won't discuss Pound with me. Or Eliot. I didn't know that when I married her. See, I need a woman who's mentally stimulating, Kaiser. And I'm willing to pay for it. I don't want an involvement - I want a quick intellectual experience, then I want the girl to leave. Christ, Kaiser, I'm a happily married man."

Via FoSO, brilliant art hoax "Entropa":
(weird... twitter just auto tinyurl'd me)
Just let your love flow, like a mountain stream... ...cold, unreachable, and full of jagged rocks.

How many A's in KHAAAAAAAAN?
SouperSalad has a "add a bowl of soup for the price of the day's projected high temp"- do they have a plan for of it goes negative?
MIT Mystery Hunt: Team lead Sarah can scan through a list of 28 categories and recite the 6 that hadn't been matched. Do I belong here?
For ten years I know that an anagram for my full name is "Risk Oral Linkage" Maybe this will come in handy during the Hunt?