god's eye view

January 21, 2009

God's Eye - well, technically "GeoEye" - view of
Washington D.C. National Mall 2009 Inaugural Celebration.

It's funny how for a lot of people, the biggest reference point of "recent event big enough that everyone watches TV at work" is 9/11.
One of the odder legacies of my years of marching band is loving finding the harmonies in "Star Spangled Banner"
HotenDotey is back??? http://www.hotendotey.com/ - WARNING don't actually look at that site.
Eisenhower was raised in a household of Jehovah's Witnesses and was baptized Presbyterian twelve days after his inauguration. WHO KNEW?
James A. Garfield discovered a novel proof of the Pythagorean Theorem [...] while serving as a member of the House of Rep's. WHO KNEW?
Just realized I was 50% of the way towards totally writing the same dumb "should I change my blog format" post. NO ONE CARES THAT MUCH.
masukomi Feeds suck. There's something- in theory- nice about stripping pure content, but you miss so much of the visual texture of sites!
Stormy night/not even a/star in sight/On my way/to where the sky is dark/Can you tell me how to get/how to get to Yellowstone Park?-DonMusic
I keep forgetting my iPhone has Shazam. Awesome for IDing old forgotten mixtape tracks. It's pretty awe-inspiring tech, actually.
"Tainted Love", Gloria Jones did the original, not just a campy R+B cover? WHO KNEW?