your mouth is a time-space anomaly

January 23, 2009
i say a lot of things to all the girls.
"i can't believe you wore that"
"yes, that does make you look fat"
"your mouth is a time-space anomaly"
Originally found on Kate's tumbleblog, which is an intriguing blog format I hadn't heard much about, but may influence how I think about the next rendition of this site.

(2019 UPDATE: I think that tumbleblog (now viewable on the wayback machine especially influenced how I retrofitted blockquote formatting onto all the old entries... visually differentiating a quote from my usual blather feels like the right thing to do.)
"TAKE ME INCOMPETENTLY!" "Whatever works for you, baby."

Mail from the CEO; some personnel reductions ahead. But it's a big company, not doing so badly; in any event I'm not in bad shape. Still...
For a bit I was thinking, "why foreshadow layoffs with email?" I guess so that once it's done, there isn't "could happen any moment" fear.
"Ernie is Er-range"-how my folks told him from Bert. It took me a while to fathom that the names weren't intuitive, collective unconscious
--Boingboing linked to Deconstructing Dumbo, a self-published book taking apart the political symbol. They also linked to Sockwell's postmortem of making NY Times iPhone icons. Cool stuff!