the apple of tomorrowland

January 24, 2009

--"iPhone predictions" slideshow. (Back when it was still the "jesusphone" It's funny how Apple really inspires people to put on their "Jr. Designer" hats and come up with these concepts, some of these mockups are pretty real looking, even the clearly silly ones.

Current rumors are future iPhones are going to small (the iPhone Nano, which I guess might not make it here) or large (the "new Newton" dream.) The thing is, I'm not sure if Apple's kind of touch screen tends to be good for drawing. (On the other hand, JZ got a new macbook with the oversized touchpad, and that was actually not completely terrible for my kind of doodling.)

On a whim clicked on a spam link, turned out it was for Canadian RX. I like how there's "Viagra" and "Viagra Professional". WHO KNEW?
Zeno's paradox would be much more believable if he talked about sweeping dust into a dustpan instead of an arrow getting halfway to its mark