laserbeak want a cracker?

January 25, 2009
A while back I posted this.

Now to make up for it, or make it worse, I'll post the decepticon teen dance party...

Man, was the animation always that bad?

I am kind of stunned at the depth of the Transformers Wiki. I like the foreign names section (The Italian name for Shockwave is "Brutal"? WHO KNEW?) as well as the trivia.

Also: Obscure Transformers Website with loving devotion to nameless Transformers who might only appear in a single comic, like this ill-fated robopiano.

Keeping up with theme of the cross of Soundwave and 80s hiphop, this picture and its caption from the tfwiki Soundwave page made me laugh:
"Big butts: preferable. Lying: impossible."

And finally a picture of Megatron.

'Cause he is the enemy, you see.

Peach AND Mango, in one delicious drink? O brave new world that has beverages in it!
Only when asking the name of something EBB switches to the formulation "what this be called?" Wonder about the neurologic grammar of that.. - well-voice, funny but respectful Transformer re-dubs