my sugar lumps are two of a kind / sweet and white and highly refined

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January 28, 2009
So, it's very 2007 to be hating on My Humps - though the truly epic badness of lyrics like "my hump, my hump / My lovely lady lumps" seems worthy of ridicule even now.

So to that end, and only like a year late, Alanis had the ballad version down cold:

I have never seen such a strong lesson in how much these songs are about sound and mood, and the right setting and voice can make even the most insipid lyric seem decent. The video is about as whatever-ish as the original, but I got the MP3 for this.

But then the ever-amazing Trunkbutt posted this:


Snow on the way. A lot of pre-emptive "WFH" (working from home) msgs at work. Where are we going to put THIS snow?
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Linguistically I can see why Republicans push for "Democrat" as the adjective form over "Democratic", but they make it sound so pejorative!
For being a tech smart company, Amazon's URLs are crap. - all kinds of interesting scams. Am I honest enough not to get hooked on one? - piece on cop lingo. I remember being startled by mom using the word "perp" after living in NYC for a bit
Guess I haven't been paying attention, just found out about the gamejam this weekend. Signed up, might be too late... nervous about it. - engadget on Palm vs Apple, patent wise. Pre copies "patented" iPhone stuff but iPhone infringes some Palm work.
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At the MIT Mystery Hunt, Arthur arranged an external monitor above and behind his laptop, not side by side. Never thought of that!
I have a personal myth: if I took a month off, I could catch up with everything. Though w/ the economy, it's "be careful what you wish for"