January 29, 2009

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drawblood - source - built with processing

A kind of macabre paint program, draw with the mouse, and watch...

this program I made in literally 10 minutes during the MIT Mystery Hunt; I joined the goings-on at Glorious Trainwreck's KotMK 19 with half hour left, tried to make something new, realized after 20 minutes it just wasn't happening, and so made this simple sketch program... I had already made something like this on the Palm, but in b+w only, and without the animation.

Personal News of the Moment
In other news I got laid off today. I'm pretty relaxed about it thus far. I think I have one reasonably solid lead, and am trying to find the balance between "OMIGODOMIGODOMIGOD THE ECONOMY ***SUCKS*** AND WHAT AM I GONNA DO" and taking a breath, and actually enjoying that I have a pretty generous severance situation going, not to mention some very cheap living options.

Not like it hasn't happened before. This recession is probably worse than the previous one, but Tech isn't the ground zero it was previously.

My '99 self would be hyper impressed by the web on iPhone. Would my '89 self be impressed that it took 15 years from the 1st web browsers?
Teaser headline I did not expect: "Did Beatniks Fuel the Financial Crisis?"
Ah, joy... "restructuring" meeting. Pulse going 120 bpm! Stay tuned.
Only now, trying to figure if I get the axe or not, do I notice that the 6 digits from my RSA security keyfob could be made into an I-ching
But are odd numbers broken i-ching bars or unbroken? How do you calibrate an oracle?
Probably getting the axe. Retroactively, I wonder if my manager was being especially nice to me, though who knows if he knew. Probably.
So, yeah, laid off. One of my better send off packages, 1 month of "employment", 4 weeks severance. Should I enjoy the time or rush back?