February 11, 2009

--Watch Ali G Indahouse with JZ the other day. I guess Ali G is driving a Renault 5, which came to the USA as "Le Car". I had a matchbox one of those. (Which might not be too much smaller than the original, come to think of it.) "Le Car" wrote its name in big letters across the side. The only other cars I can think of that really do that are Hummers and this Porsche I saw the other day.

Woman almost strangled in car wash - JZ points out that with a name like "Carpluk" you're just asking for trouble.
I always kind of rolled my eyes at my uncle safety pinning pairs of socks pre-laundry... but I admit finding matches in my blue sock pile is getting old.
IP over Avian Carriers - someone actually did "ping over pigeon"! (55% packet loss) (tx jz)
In talking with Leonard over the weekend, I realized something: I LIKE spoilers. For me, stories mostly exist as "idea delivery mechanisms". If a work is executed well I'll read or watch to see how it does what it does anyway... big surprises and twists aren't a draw for me. Leonard took this idea further, and one bit of advice he has for writers is that big twist followed by an exploration of that twist is cooler than story with a big twist at the end. Picture Soylent Green as an exploration of the consequences of the product, rather than just Heston running down the street shouting...
gtalk automatically makes thumbnails for links to youtube? weird, disturbing.
I presented my teams's game jam game at the Boston Post Mortem Game Developer's meeting. I got utterly unsolicited job nibbles after, based on my work. This is incredibly gratifying. Maybe this is the time to take some risks and stop looking to write more boring business server software and something closer to my interests in life!