the bees of goonswarm

February 12, 2009
--The Bees of GoonSwarm. (Incidentally, you have to Google on almost that exact phrase to get this image.)

Here is the explanation of it that got me interested.

GoonSwarm is an alliance in the massive game EVE online (Sometimes I'm surprised I'm not into this, it looks a little bit like Wing Commander 3, one of my favorites from a decade ago.) They managed to use treachery to utterly undo another alliance, Band of Brothers (rivals, but who were thought to be cheaters and/or jerks in general.)

The description of the takeover is compelling. So is reading about GoonSwarm, legions of often newbies pilots recruited from the discussion forums at SomethingAwful. They use swarm tactics, and emphasize the importance of the small pilot, like you can see in this for the want of a nail like poster they made and this music video to the Bee-themed parody of "Let It Bee" --err, Be.

I know ain't none of it health food, but it seems weird that a Dunkin Dounts chocolate chunk cookie is almost double the calories of a Boston Kreme Donut.
See, you dump Republicans? The answer to cheaper gas wasn't "drill for more oil!" it was "turn the economy into a trainwreck". Duh.
almost forgot! HAPPY 200TH BIRTHDAY DARWIN!
Updating webpages I made when I used to do all my HTML in all caps (made it stand out a bit from the text, actually)
Oh, and Lincoln was born on the exact same day, 200 years ago? CRAZY
Watching some CGI recreations of the ironclads Monitor vs Virginia reminds me a bit of BattleBots.