would he?

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March 7, 2009

--Ashley Quigg, from What if Woody Allen Had Directed Watchmen? he and Dan Kois speculate on "How other directors might have filmed the comics classic."

Just reread "Watchmen" because I wasn't getting all the jokes going around. Speaking of... if there's one thing this movie release is demonstrating, it's that the only way to make the word "wang" funnier is to precede it with "enormous blue".
http://gods4suckers.net/archives/2009/03/03/good-stuff-2/ - What if god disappeared? (tongue in cheek disguised atheist rant)
Republicans love to harp on "what if healthcare becomes like the local DMV"? What a cheap and facile shot-- I don't even think the DMV is that bad.
Ha what to do with an old Windows XP laptop that works, IF you use a rubber band to hold the power connection up and in.
http://www.moonmilk.com/2009/02/ - heh, Ranjit is on All Things Considered - he made an instrument a day in Feb, the Mobius Musicbox is genius.
One scifi idea from George R R Martin's "Tuf Voyaging" (great read) that's stuck with me is an overpopulated planet using the "calorie" as currency.
"Everybody talks first draft."
--Larry Niven, Niven's Laws for Writers
The Internet would be 0.09% cooler if Youtube embedded the title of videos in the links, rather than random strings.