impossible is eating the sun

March 8, 2009

"I wanna tell you something because you're very dear to me. And I hope you understand it comes from the bottom of my damaged, damaged heart. You are the finest piece of ass I ever had, and I don't care who knows it."
--Mad Men
"Sorry boys, this is Impossible mode. Difficult is winning the Nobel Prize. Impossible is eating the sun."
--"Lou Reed" in "Penn & Teller: Smoke and Mirrors"
Just watched 2 automatic clocks (macbook + radio-based) skip 2-3AM. Yay DST-- love sunset coming an hour later. - fun with perception
My "Dinner with Cupid" in the Boston Globe - me, "bit of a round figure"? Humph. Plus: "He was considerate of who had the floor in terms of talking; however, he usually was on that floor" -- do I not leave enough dead space? Hope I spun the Sisyphus thing to not sound like a total jerk.
Earlier this week I was hoping to find a job and maybe romance. Right now I'm pretty happy to have just found the remote.