sic transit gloria laundry

March 10, 2009

Not our video or anything, but that's how JZ and I spent a few hours last night, launching cars and humvees via Grand Theft Auto IV's "swingset" glitch. (I also downloaded the MP3 used in that video, but it's not quite as cool on its own.)

JZ probably had the single most beautiful shot, launching a car that was ON FIRE -- like the closer for the video, but on fire the whole time, streams of flame pouring from the wheel wells making comet tails.

It's kind of weird, because we had just downloaded the PS3 game Pain, which in some ways is a whole small game based around the same idea, except you're launching just people from a slingshot, with a bit more aiming. I think in a lot of ways the swingset was more fun.

For what it's worth, I really like my line about the laundry below.

Laundry: a ritual of cleansing, rebirth, renewal; but the lint in the filter reminds us of our slow decay and final end. Sic Transit Gloria Laundry.
Why did I ever consider changing to the spare on my own? The guy from AAA was the model of macho-ish efficiency with power tools and all!
I was suspecting there's a DOW floor around 6,000, but then I realized that's just because of where it was when I started looking at the DOW on a regular basis.
Hit the terrific board game selection at Compleat Strategist, now on Comm Ave. Man, geek culture is both the same and different since I found out about the place two decades ago.
Bleh, two "no thanks" todays... funny it took them both 2 weeks +/- 1 day. I'm only bummed about 1, really, and they said it was very close, I just don't have a professional game title under my belt. But, another recruiter contacted me out of the blue based on my 2006 search, and I'm still in good shape all around.
GAH missed Boston PostMortem talk on iPhone game dev. Though with 15K apps and - seems more hobby-able than job