alarmism at the local costco

March 11, 2009

JZ suggested going out and laptopping in a public cafe etc as an easier route to productivity than home-officeing... gotta try it.
Snacks are of course incredibly important, nay, essential to the roleplaying experience. Being part of a balanced diet, it's essential to have representatives of all four basic food groups: sugar, salt, fat, and caffeine.

Interestingly, these are usually combined into the pairs (sugar, caffeine) - cola or other caffeinated fizzy drinks - and (salt, fat) - pizza, potato chips, other assorted snack foods. The pairing (sugar, fat), while perfectly valid - e.g. cakes, doughnuts, ice cream - is not seen anywhere near as much. And its counterpart (salt, caffeine) is just too bizarre to contemplate.

And then there's (sugar, salt) and (fat, caffeine), which we don't even want to think about.
Now I really want to think of a good salt-caffeine mix. - thanks cmg. Lots of dead-on stuff.