--The fight scenes from the Star Wars version of "Battle Chess", which was just chess with battle animations. They vibe reminds me a bit of that cartoon from the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special that introduced Boba Fett. (Heh... just noticed that that cartoon has Luke Skywalker in the "Y-Wing" rather than his usual X-Wing. I wonder if that was driven by the plot (having to fly with C3P0) or to sell toys of a ship that barely gets any screen time in the movie...))

BTW, I still <3 Youtube. It's crazy how much stuff you can find there.

Starting out with OSX Leopard, wish I could see the "guided tours" for previous versions, in case there's something I missed.
Things I didn't know had Wikipedia pages: 5 Second Rule, Go Faster Stripes, Buttocks (though a generic google search for "buttocks" brings up the wiki page for "buttock augmentation" earlier than that hit.)
Think of the Trade Federation as a Galactic version of IKEA. - 2/3 down is an interesting "DC Comics Tarot" - visualize a trillion. Frankly, most people don't even visual 30 or 40 very well.