long long ago in a state far far away


--Making the rounds, Star Wars as "Dallas".

Looking at the Dallas Original Intro - it seems kind of weird how it fetishizes the city and American Big Oil.

http://www.tradingeconomics.com/Economics/Unemployment-rate.aspx?Symbol=USD - didn't notice how much worse the unemployment rate is than in the dot bomb. Still, not as bad for tech workers I'd say.
With my new contractor gig suddenly I'm on the other side of the phonescreening. Conceptual whiplash!
At Tufts seeing a concert of my old group sQ. Am suddenly aware that I am now twice the canonical age of a college freshman.
Strolling the old campus on a damp spring night. Thinking of some of my old stories, but humbled that there were probably better and more interesting stories that happened in those places since.