lightbulbs in the electrical system of the universe


"God is not a judgmental giant sitting up in heaven. It's a force within us all - we are lightbulbs in the electrical system of the universe."
Gayatari via Sarah Macdonald's "Holy Cow", a kind of amazing memoir by an Australian woman encountering almost a dozen faiths in and around India and learning something from them all (the work ends shortly after 9/11)

"Some will be drawn to Buddhism but I really think it's best that you try and find truth in the religion of your forebears and ancestors. It is very hard to change religion. I think it's safer not to."
Dalai Lama

These Romeos are ruinous. No! We're playful paramours.
Bollywood lyrics, translated by Aarzoo in "Holy Cow"

"The scanning finger of the TV screen is at once the transcending of mechanism and a throwback to the world of the scribe."
Marshall McLuhan, via "Racing the Beam" a deep, technicalish book on the Atari 2600

I always thought Amazon wishlists should default sort by priority. And Mobile Amazon wishlists don't even let you sort on it! **UI FAIL**
The other weekend EB presented the idea that a child's capability for glee and total delight springs in part from a brain small enough to be more readily flooded with serotonin...
HA! -good task angst jujitsu! I parlayed wanting to postpone some work related stuff into great backlog tackling (hence the "...of the moment" flood. Also: retrospect, "last X weeks", month/day archive, and search are all now "of the moment" aware, and with the right comment counts.) - Slate on the unearthly hold Star Wars has on young males.
Installing XP on a MacBook Pro. Despite the... you know, existence of Boot Camp, I feel like I'm offending some kind of Apple Deity.