lightbulbs in the electrical system of the universe

April 4, 2009

"God is not a judgmental giant sitting up in heaven. It's a force within us all - we are lightbulbs in the electrical system of the universe."
--Gayatari via Sarah Macdonald's "Holy Cow", a kind of amazing memoir by an Australian woman encountering almost a dozen faiths in and around India and learning something from them all (the work ends shortly after 9/11)
"Some will be drawn to Buddhism but I really think it's best that you try and find truth in the religion of your forebears and ancestors. It is very hard to change religion. I think it's safer not to."
--Dalai Lama
"These Romeos are ruinous. No! We're playful paramours."
--Bollywood lyrics, translated by Aarzoo in "Holy Cow"
"The scanning finger of the TV screen is at once the transcending of mechanism and a throwback to the world of the scribe."
--Marshall McLuhan, via "Racing the Beam" a deep, technicalish book on the Atari 2600
I always thought Amazon wishlists should default sort by priority. And Mobile Amazon wishlists don't even let you sort on it! **UI FAIL**
The other weekend EB presented the idea that a child's capability for glee and total delight springs in part from a brain small enough to be more readily flooded with serotonin...
HA! -good task angst jujitsu! I parlayed wanting to postpone some work related stuff into great backlog tackling (hence the "...of the moment" flood. Also: retrospect, "last X weeks", month/day archive, and search are all now "of the moment" aware, and with the right comment counts.) - Slate on the unearthly hold Star Wars has on young males.
Installing XP on a MacBook Pro. Despite the... you know, existence of Boot Camp, I feel like I'm offending some kind of Apple Deity.