you can't top that

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--From the "Teen Witch". I believe this represents some kind of nadir for the 1980s.

Seriously, is that Cousin Balky from "Perfect Strangers" doing that weird hopping / arms crossed thing, there on the left? - randomly connects you to a stranger to chat with. Odd. - NSFW in parts, but for a "random images and movies" site it has a lot of soul.
At JZ's... he really does have a pretty blazin' 'net connection, I hadn't known or forgotten that the local connection is so often the limiting factor. - there's always time for jello. - Toe Jam. From last year, but the video just makes me so happy, and now the mp3 is available.
HOLY SHIZNIT - Windows went back in time and *broke* explorer's ctrl-F to find a DAMN FILE BY NAME in XP Home. What the hell IS this?
SRSLY what the hell is "Windows Search", why won't it find un"index"ed files - never thought that puppy dog assistant would be lesser evil! - I kvetch about sidebar based searching, vs the old Win95 "search app" - but THIS is just goddamn broken.