slow plane to venus

April 9, 2009

That's the image from this intriguing WWI-era study in solar distances... as measured in time needed travelling in a plane going at the unheard of speed of 120 mph.

I love the detail of the funky planes! I'm not sure if they're meant to be spaceworthy or not.

Shades of Star Blazers and the Space Battleship Yamato!

It was a book to kill time for those who like it better dead.
Dame Rose Macaulay - conclusion: Dubai is a kind of object lesson in Ayn Rand Gone Wrong, sort of a real world Bioshock.
The worst part about working in Andover is when your job gets repetitive you starting thinking "Andover, Andover, Andover again"
geeknote: - FreeMarker is a nice quick and dirty templating engine with just enough bells and whistles to be worthwhile.
Back to back SPAM: The Motley Fool: "Is it Time to Buy Oil?" -- Care2Action: "Sea Otters Coated in Oil? Never Again!"
A RAV4 in the parking lot has just the rim of its spare tire mounted on the back. It makes the loveliest resonant sound when tinged, like a singing bowl.
cmg + chorizo ftw. Sausage really is the finest form of meat, rivaled only by kabobs.
Tin foil is so cool. It makes me feel like a superhero -- "let me preserve this bowl of food by bending a sheet of metal around it-- WITH MY BARE HANDS"