samson earns two cookies

April 10, 2009

--Nice little piece by Ranjit and his dog Samson.

All human beings should try to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why.
James Thurber.
Though I'd add "...though it doesn't help"
Early AM Dream: for some reason I wanted to overlay the soundtrack to every Atari game into one cacophonous mess.
WBUR always has local news for the second part of the top-of-the-hour headlines, but I wonder what I'm missing on the national broadcast.
Boston, sans Globe, just the Hearld? The concept alone is kind of horrific.
(after I mentioned an interview that went well, with me providing a possible explanation for a Google SEO/SEM correlation)
EB: i've been geeking on robotics recently (TED presentation on war-bots)
EB: I now have vision of a warbot with "Ask me about my pagerank" painted on its chassis, standing over a torched web developer.
Running Windows on a Mac via VMWare Fusion. Was feeling physically cramped by "alt" key; realized my fingers were expecting it to be next to space. Used SharpKeys from to swap the keys and the sense of physical relief is almost tangible; kind of like what I get using a mouse after working at a desk with a touchpad.
The backsides of old printouts: not just good mousepads, also nice for jotting down TODO lists.