kitesurfin usa


My bud cmg and I walked the Revere shore yesterday, the first summerish day of the year. We saw this guy doing some kind of surfing with a giant kite... though a minute of googling implies the sport is, err kitesurfing. He seemed really excellent at it, keeping his kite out of the water, and getting a nice long cruise with and against the wind, without having to stop and paddle back out very much. It seemed like the most technical surfing fun you could have with such limited waves.

Afterwards we met up with JZ at Picante at Central Square, and ate at some tables outside. It felt kind of cool and european to sit and eat and banter a bit... the food is a few notches above the more typical Qdoba or Anna's Taqueria - bummer their license for beer etc doesn't extend to those tables...

JZ really digs on Micro Center, stops by like weekly or so. I think this area REALLY needs a Fry's Electronics, just for diversity. Listening to him chat with the employees in the PC building section is interesting... it's such a hobbyist approach to PCs, like it wouldn't be very different if they were talking model rockets or railroads or those high end RC cars or something. The fact that its computers is almost secondary to it being guys focused on a technically detailed building hobby.
A vacuum is a hell of a lot better than some of the stuff that nature replaces it with.

You know, I might have a bit of hoarding syndrome for information. I'm loathe to give up URLs that might be worth returning to.
3 game sweep of the Yankees, 2 meals of outdoor patio dining, 2 trips to the beach, 1 cookout... not such a bad weekend.