the astounding ross sisters

--It's hard to find solid information about the Ross Sisters, or why they are so enthused for Solid Potato Salad, but about a minute or so in this video gets truly amazing.

FOLLOWUP: in the comments LAN3 xoxoxoBruce provides some information. Man, this video is also so great because of how well they matched the music to it, or vice-versa, like a human Tom and Jerry cartoon. (Someone else said it's "Hee Haw meets Cirque de Soleil")

This May Day seems to be a day of losing things and finding things: my hoodie (lost) my sandals (lost and found) my laptop's power supply (lost and found) my good sunglasses (found)
In one might be a textbook example of "TOO SOON": - am toying with the idea of shirts.
If a man knocks you down, and you can't get up, well bite 'im on the leg.
Johnny Bradley, on "Story Corps" this morning

Grabbed a shirt I had worn to EB's cookout in Rockport. Man, the smell of leftover sunblock is such a nostlgia trip, old days of amusement parks and working at daycamp.
My advice to anyone in any field is to be faithful to your obsessions. Identify them and be faithful to them, let them guide you like a sleepwalker.

Yesterday I amused myself for a few songs on iPhone by realizing the wires dangling from my old schoolish earphones can be used as single string guitars - cool bass sound.